Historical Fiction - Based on a real convict

Surviving the Waves – A Convict's Journey

The match started to flame for a brief moment, then went out. Is this an omen? he wondered.

During a recent visit to their grandparents, two children discover an exciting family secret from the past.

In the winter of 1864, Daniel Phillips’ future looked very bleak. He was out of work, and out of love, in his home village of Great Hadham. Seeking a way out, Daniel commits a crime, knowing he would face transportation on a convict ship bound for gaol in Australia. He realises the enormity of this, but hopes that after his release, this new land will open up new and brighter opportunities for him.

The story follows Daniel, from the day of the crime, to life after receiving his ticket-of-leave. During this time he encounters many dramatic highs and lows on his epic journey. Highs, when many situations dramatically turn to work in his favour, and lows, as he battles with waves of anxiety and depression, brought on by the harsh conditions he suffers as a convict, and the separation from his family.

Will Daniel discover the happiness and love he was so desperate to find?

This exciting and well-researched work of Historical Fiction, is based around the real-life character of Daniel Phillips, whose crime and trial was reported in local newspapers of the time.