Book Club Qs

Questions on:

Surviving the Waves – A Convict's Journey

1. Before reading this book, did you know much about the transportation events of this time period?

2. Did you learn anything new? If not, did you come away with a better understanding of this particular event?

3. What were the most interesting events in this book? Did anything surprise you? Which sections resonated emotionally with you?

4. It can be hard to keep our own, modern-day thoughts and experiences from influencing our reading of historical fiction books. Did this book help you to imagine and understand what life was like for the convicts who were transported?

5. Daniel struggled with the concept of his firing of the stack being a ‘crime’, expressing no remorse for his action. The stack was insured, and it resulted in gaining him a much better life. How do you feel about this?

6. Daniel suffered greatly with waves of depression. How do you feel the book described this, and dealt with the issue?

7. The book begins and ends in the 21st Century. Did this help in bringing the reality of Daniel and his plight, to life? Or would you rather the story have been set entirely in the 19th Century?

8. Did you like the title? Would you have preferred a different title? if so, what would you have chosen?

9. Did you find the ending satisfying? Would you have preferred it to have ended with the penultimate chapter, set in the 19th Century?

10. If you could ask the Author one question, what would it be?